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2003 bmw 325xi


i’m having a problem starting my car? i have a 325xi,i replaced the starter new battery new igination switch. but still am having a problem to just hear a crank from the engine. all it doest is show light at the cluster for current. i got the car towed to the shop we had a lap top hook up the engine and clear all the old code from the history memories. at this moment the car is still at the shop and i really need urgent help from anybody out there that can help me pls am beging.

You may want to check and

You may have better luck there. Goodluck.

If it won’t crank with a new starter and battery, I would be trying a different key and looking at the antenna ring around the key hole. If the key does not send the correct code or the car does not receive it, the car will not crank.

However, you say the dash lights do not light up. I have never had a problem with an immobilizer circuit, but I would expect that the dash lights would light up if the key turns. This should not be a difficult problem to track down, but you need a shop with some electrical expertise. Most shops refuse to try to diagnose electrical problems, they just through parts at the car until it works. The fact that you already have a new starter and battery when those were not your problem suggests that your shop is one of those “parts throwing” shops. Next they will want to try a new computer. Are there any shops in your area that specialize in auto electrical problems? I would bet that such a shop would find your problem in minutes.