Stranded in BMW

My 2006 325i BMW has been intermittently refusing to start. I had it into a dealer for 5 days last November and they could find nothing wrong with it. When it doesn’t start the steering wheel lock light comes on, (though jiggling the steering wheel does not solve the problem). Usually I just walk away and keep coming back to start her up, and after anywhere from 1 hour - 24 hours eventually she starts. It went 5 months this time without a problem then BAM she refused to start yesterday for 24 hours. A mechanic friend thinks it’s electrical, maybe the starter. I wonder if it has something to do with the steering column. I notice sometimes it happens after turning sharply and quickly into a parking space, but not always.

Question is, what is to be done if the BMW dealer cannot diagnose the issue after charging me $100? Go to a different dealer? Wait to be stranded permanently?

Try an independent mechanic that specializes in BMW. You can find one on this website by going up to “Mechanics Files”.

Keep in mind that negative reviews are edited out–this only yields positive reviews.

From the description, I think it is very possible that the problem lies in a malfunctioning security system. If the car has a genuine “factory” BMW security system, it is not likely that an indy mechanic will be of much help. I would suggest trying a different Beemer dealership.

My car is without a security system. Because it might be electrical I have been advised to go to a dealer. Does anyone have an opinion on choice between BMW of West Springfield and Capital Cities BMW in Albany? I am right between the two in the Berkshires of MA.

Your time to comment is very appreciated! Thank you!

You might also post this on a couple of the BMW forums, somebody there with this model might have had the same problem.

@Lorean I believe your car isn’t starting because the PCM is “seeing” an unauthorized starting attempt.

Best to go to a (different) BMW dealer

Thank you, everybody!

There are privately owned bmw specialist. Factory scanner and all. Even plugged into the factory network. There is one in chico. Ca not that it helps

There’s a board. Called bimmerfest or something you could probably get BMW advice there if anyone is familiar with the problem.