Car won't start until I take it to the garage... then it starts

I came home yesterday, got in my car and turned the key. It started at first and whithin seconds it died. I tried again and the engine wouldn’t turn over. I waited a while and tried it again - still nothing. I don’t think it is the battery - it cranks at a normal pace (and will keep cranking) but just won’t turn over. I had it towed to the garage and they called me to tell me that it started right up. It happened about 2 months ago - but by the time AAA got there it started. I gave it some fuel injector cleaner, and it was doing ok until now. It is a 99 Honda Accord. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

If the car was parked outside in the sun with the windows up, the problem might be the fuel pump relay. They seem to have a heat related nonoperation problem with these relays. At least it is a simple part replacement that might cure your intermittant problem.

Hope that helps.