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Car won't start, engine doesn't make noise either

So I have a 2000 Ford Focus. Recently it’s been super super loud when I start it and now it won’t even start. This morning I turned the key and nothing happened. The radio and interior lights work. The key won’t turn now either. We tried jumping it but it didn’t work.

Um… that sounds like a key cylinder failure.
Hopefully those “super loud” sounds you’ve been hearing weren’t caused by the key cylinder keeping the circuits in the START position and causing the starter to attempt to stay engaged with the flywheel.

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You may have damaged the ignition switch during repeated start attempts. Or it may be a coincidence. In either case you have to have that fixed first. Jumping is never going to start a car when the key is stuck in the off position. No spark with key in off.

When you say it made “super loud noises” when you started in before, did these noises occur only while the engine was cranking? That rr rr r r sound? If so, that noise might be a bad starter motor gear or bad flywheel ring gear. Suggest to fix the “key won’t turn problem”, then when that’s working, ask your shop to do a voltage measurement on the starter motor terminals to figure out why it won’t crank when you turn the key to “start”.

If the noise you heard on starting before also occurred when the engine was running, then you may be looking at some serious engine problems. The engine may be ceased. You shop can test for that by attempting to manually turn the crank shaft.