2001 Ford Focus won't start


This has been a problem for a couple weeks now. my 2001 ford focus when trying to start just keeps clicking. the lights and radio will come on just fine but when I turn the ignition it just keeps clicking. someone suggested it could be the starter and to give it a jump. the first time it happened we had someone give us a jump and the car started right away, the second time it took a little longer but it eventually turned on. it seems like whenever this happens a quick jump to the battery the car will start however the battery seems to be fine. any help?


also just tried cleaning the battery, still no luck


This question gets asked several times a day. You can see some of those questions and answers if you click on SEARCH and put “engine start” on the square and click SEARCH. -------If a car starts only with a jump start, there are poor connections on the battery. The cables can be tight, but, the corrosion won’t pass the current. To get good connections, disconnect the battery cables and sand or scrape inside the loops (if it’s a top post battery), sand the battery posts, and reattach the cables. If it’s side mount battery cables, use a 8mm (5/16") wrench, or socket, loose the screws holding the cables to the battery two turns, turn the battery cables back and forth four times, and retighten the screws. Try a engine start.


The clicking you hear is likely the solenoid from the starter. There is likely either a loose connection at the starter or the starter motor windings are toasted or the bearings in the starter are shot. Either way, replacing the starter motor would probably fix the issue.

Have you also checked the starter relay and its connections?


just tried sanding the inner loops and the battery heads, still no luck. i’ll check the starter cables next.


I checked the relays and the connection, everything looked fine. I mean after it gets jumped sometimes it starts up fine and sometimes it can be slow to start.


also could it be possible that the battery simply isn’t holding a charge? but i mean if all the lights and the radio turn on just fine could it still be a bad battery? only reason i’m asking is that people are either telling me I need a new battery or I need a new starter (and i don’t have cash to burn)


the starter could have short to ground inside and as soon you put power to it it will draw all the amps from the battery in two seconds have a volt draw test done. when jumping the car you have enough amps. this will make you think the battery is low in volts. it only takes an amp meter on the starter cable and you will
know in one second.


Try removing both ends of the battery cables (both of them) and cleaning both the cable and where it goes very well and reattaching making sure they are secure.

Frankly I would not bet on that battery being good.  How old is it?


my brothers mother in law broke down on the side of the road like this, also my bulldozer did the same clicking noise, go buy a new battery, i promise you it will fix it, cleaning your old one probably wont do it, please tell me what happens