2009 Ford Focus won't start--battery works, electricity work

My 2009 Ford Focus occasionally wouldn’t start, but if I waited a few seconds, it would start right up. Once I had to wait 15 minutes. Now, it won’t start at all. When I turn the ignition on, the lights and radio work, the security light comes on, then goes off, but not a sound from the engine–not even clicking sound. Any ideas?

Have the battery checked at most any auto parts store. I’ll bet it is bad and should be replaced.

Try shifting the transmission into neutral to see if it will start.


Jump it? Yes or no.

As above responses, plus, are the battery terminals clean and tight? Is the ground connection clean and tight?

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I have seen several Escapes and Focuses with a similar issue, it is usually the ignition switch/lock cylinder. From my experience you can usually get it it start by turning the key aggressively or keeping it turned to the start position until it cranks. YouTube clip

When it cranks ok – that rrr rrrr rrrr sound w/key in “start” — does engine always start right up? And the problem you are having is that sometimes (now all the time) you don’t hear that rrr rrrr rrr sound? If so, good ideas above. If none of them get to the bottom of the problem, ask shop to measure the voltages at the starter motor’s electrical inputs when key is in “start”. Both inputs (key in “start” should be at least 10.5 volts. You are welcome to post what you shop measures here, may get some more ideas.

If you happen to have a manual transmission, there’s a clutch safety switch malfunction possibility to consider as well.

Should a repair shop need your assistance? If the OP sends the vehicle to a repair shop, they should diagnose the problem, not perform certain tests upon request.

If car owner wants to hire repair shop to do certain tests only, as long as repair shop agrees, I see no problem with that arrangement.

I picked my Accord up this afternoon after a pre-sale state safety inspection. They had a sign on the wall:

$45/hr if you wait
$60/hr is you look
$70/hr if you ask questions
$80/hr if you want parts
$100/hr if you offer advice.

Done side, most likely cost more.