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Car won't start after getting gas and sometimes won't accelerate


Ok so I have a 2010 Kia Rio Lx. It has almost 192,000 miles. For over 2 months my car won’t start after getting gas. The engine just cuts off completely. I have to press the gas while starting to keep it running then I have to throw it into drive and go before it cuts off again. If I have to stop at all after that it will shut off. It runs really rough after this as well. The other issue is that sometimes it won’t accelerate.when I have to stop at a stop sign or light and when I go to make a turn it barely moves when I push on the gas no matter how hard I push it down…then it will accelerate really fast after a few seconds. I don’t know if these 2 things have anything to do with each other but the acceleration problem started after the gas problem. Also sometimes my check fuel cap light will come in even if it’s on all the way…I did have to get a new gas cap awhile back and it fits differently so that could be why.

I’ve already had both fuel valves, the fuel filter and the O2 sensor replaced and it’s still acting up. PLEASE HELP ME!

Could be a throttle body problem, at 192k miles it probably needs cleaning.

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Check your Evaporative canister as well, also the vacuum lines running to it.
Check ALL your vacuum lines. I bet you will find leaks.