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2012 Kia Rio starting trouble


About a year ago, my granddaughter bought a Kia Rio. She recently experienced problems with it - running rough and hard to start. She brought the car to a mechanic, who replaced a sensor, flushed the radiator, and flushed the oil twice. He drove it, putting 200 miles on it to ”check for problems”. Four hundred dollars and three weeks later, she retrieved her car and is still having problems starting it in the morning and when she leaves work in the late afternoon. She is apprehensive about bringing the car back to the mechanic. Any ideas on what might be causing the starting problem?
Thank you for your assistance and have a great day.

Need a lot more info. Is check engine light on? If so find codes at a parts store. Do not buy parts, just post code numbers here. Would be good to know why the mechanic flushed oil and antifreeze, so we can try and see his direction of thought. He has seen the vehicle, we haven’t. What sensor was replaced?

I would not go back to that mechanic. 200 miles? Totally unnecessary, 2-5 miles, yes.


Find a better mechanic.