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Car won’t try to start first key turn

My Mazda 3 2008 with just. Under 100,000 has started doing this thing pretty often now where I turn the key and it just makes a click noise but nothing else then I stop and try to turn it again and it starts right up and runs fine. Some times it will click the second time I try also but then start up on the 3rd. It has done this before but it would go months in between and now it does it almost every time I get in it.

Time for a new battery, my best guess.

Did you check if there is oil in the engine?

Could be a failing battery, or poor connections at the battery. The copper contacts inside the starter motor’s solenoid can also get burnt and eroded, with this symptom.

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The original posting problem, I’d start by cleaning the connections at the battery. You could need a battery, but it’s more likely you have corroded connections somewhere, or the starter solenoid is dying, or the starter motor itself is getting or already has a dead segment and needs to be replaced.

Guys, the OP is indicating the motor is cranking fine but will not start.

I would suggest:
Check if you are getting a spark.
With the spark plugs out, cranking the engine will expel any residual oil from the cylinders, put a rag over the engine or you will spray the engine compartment with oil.
Check the compression.
Then install new spark plugs.

i guess pull them all out or maybe one at a time with the plug connected to the plug coil.wire close to a ground i would believe ,i been at this by myself i dont have very good tools likeb a conprsion tester i guess maybe blow some air in the hole an listen for a leak lol my brother said maybe i didnt have enough fuel presure . but i sprayed startin fluid an didnt do any thing. if the spark plugs are wet will it still .create a conbustion an fire over. or will that put the fire out. ? i gona wait for it to get dark an pull a plug an turn it over to see if i get a spark in a bit

i drained it fairly.good an cleaned the head pretty good by blowing it wit my pancake compressor i.put new oil an antifreze i didnt change fuel filter ni for got that it started raining an had 2call it a day maybe in a bit i.ll try again

I really do apreciate ya come back. i am just a muse apart from you maistro,s. any thing told is a learning tool.for .me no way i can be ofended guys

That’s not now how I read the OP. OP says " I turn the key and it just makes a click noise but nothing else ". There seems to be another poster in this thread who has posted about a different problem, maybe that’s the post to which your refer?

As for the OP’s problem, good ideas above. If those don’t pan out – given there’s a half dozen or more possible causes – the quickest way to get to the bottom of this problem is a voltage check at the starter motor. Both terminals (probing between the terminal and the starter case) should measure 10.5 volts or more when the key is in “start”. Ask your shop to check for that.

Thank you I will get both the battery and starter tested. It is just weird how it will start and crank fine on the second or third turn of the key.

My Corolla did that too when the starter motor was going bad. My theory was the first attempt heats parts inside the starter that expand with temperature, and that expansion makes the contacts make a low ohm connection the second attempt. If that’s the case for your car, might work now, but pretty soon it won’t be enough to do the trick.

To me this means it is cranking fine.

Sounds like a text book case of a failing solenoid on the starter.

True, but enrique… isn’t the OP. The OP is aalarue…

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My bad, not paying attention. Two different posters, two different vehicles, a Mazda and a Honda on the same thread!

@enriquesj690_160034 start your own thread. You are just causing confusion by poting your unrelated question in this one.