Mazda 3 2008 Unkown Starting issue

hello everyone,
I went to start my car for work this morning and it would not start, attached is the video of what it sounded like. (It should be noted that I am cranking the engine the whole time)

After work, I went to start it up and it started like a champ. I turned it off and tried again a couple of minutes later; the same starting issue happened. Then it started to sound like the classic clicking sound of a dead battery. I live in Phoenix so it is very hot here and batteries die quick, but what would cause it to work in the afternoon and not in the morning?

Maybe the battery had one more start in it…
Rather than try to understand this oddity, why not take the battery to the store to have it tested so you will know if it is the battery or something else?

Post back with what you find. If it just needs a new battery, great. If that isn’t it we’ll help you figure out what the problem is.


Because it is so much easier to do nothing but write to an Internet forum and hope someone else figures it out before actually putting in any effort yourself.


When this problem occurs you do you hear the normal rrr rrr rrr sound w/key in “start”? If not, what sound do you hear when you turn the key to “start”?