Mazda 3 2005

hi i have a mada 3 and i just tried to start it but its just making a clicking noise the radio works so does that rule battery out

no, it doesn’t take much power to make the radio work. but it takes a lot of power to crank the starter. try turning on the headlights. if they are bright, see if they go dim or go out altogether when you crank the engine. if they stay bright, it’s probably not the battery. also, a loose or corroded connection at the battery can cause the clicking symptom. by the way, many auto parts stores will test your battery for free. if the battery is ok, the next likely suspect is the starter.

@paddyb I certainly hope you don’t still have the original battery . . .

If you do, it’s time for a new one

cheers lads


same to you

Now what about that battery?