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Car won’t start, engine clicks but won’t start

Let me start but saying I am the most non car guy in the history of men. So idk s**+ about engines. But about 5 years ago the engine on one of my cars locked up and was forced to scrap it because the maintenance cost were more than the vehicle itself.

My wife’s car wouldn’t start today after work so I went over to get her and “check” on the car. All the lights inside and on the dash come on so I think I have eliminated the battery being bad. The dip stick was damn near completely dry as well. When you turn the key the engine clicks a few times and that’s it. I am hoping and praying that the engine isn’t locked but I have a feeling that might be it.

Any suggestions?

Also: Does anyone know a fairly priced mechanic in the Southwest area of Houston Texas?

A discharged battery can have enough amps to turn on lights but not enough to operate the starter.

Try jump starting the vehicle.



It appears that you are not doing the things like checking fluids on a regular basis.
You might spend some time surfing You Tube for videos showing how to check oil , tire pressure , transmission fluid if you have a dip stick for the transmission . Also Auto Zone will check your battery for free if you think it is getting close to replacement.
As for a mechanic I don’t think any regulars here live in Houston . That is where the online review sites like Yelp and others help. Or just ask co-workers and friends where they might go. It might be best to have a road side service jump your vehicle if you are in doubt how to do that. I myself will not jump vehicle to vehicle anymore because of the electrical damage that can happen.

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