Car Window Condensation Survey (fixed)

Apparently you have never heard of a squeegee that takes care of the dew or condensation that Mother Nature can put on things outside .

you might get some answer on what other people do in the 119 comments at the bottom of this page.
How Can I Defog My Car Windows Quicker? (

… which was how many decades ago?
If you aren’t currently familiar with the area, how do you know that it hasn’t changed for the better? (Hint:–It has.)

Which is pronounced “New-Ark”, in case anyone is interested.
And, just to put this back on an automotive footing, there used to be a Plymouth/Dodge assembly plant in that city.

I am aware of the fact that a squeegee can be used. The point of this was to find an easier way to solve this problem. Hence the survey.

Put the thing in a garage , problem solved .

If you do not wish to participate in this survey or add to this conversation, you may ignore this discussion. :slight_smile:


Common guys, who knew there were two Newarks? Maybe more. Like when my boss said he was going to Hakensack for the weekend. I thought he was going to NJ but there is one in Minnesota too.

To add though, for due on the outside, usually hitting the window wipes it off enough until the car gets warmed up. If it has frozen on, then I just do a quick swipe with the scaper so I can see. I don’t use that window stuff except on the shower doors whatever it is called and wouldn’t like putting stuff on my windows. Just me.

17 in North America

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[quote=“Bing, post:28, topic:180034”]
Hakensack for the weekend. I thought he was going to NJ but there is one in Minnesota too.There is also Brooklyn Mn. I remember getting a load one time going to Brooklyn and if I would noticed the Mn. I would have gone to NY.

Hi Sidrsarb:
For condensation on the outside of the windows, here’s my thinking:

  1. It’s not that big of a problem to me. Between wipers, or a squeegee, or more often letting the car warm up a bit, I never viewed it as a big concern.

  2. I might be convinced to pay a small amount if there was a “solution” that made it easier to clear the windows. It would have to be quicker than the current process of warming up the car. And it can’t be anything “separate”, like a car cover that needs to be stored away. It would need to be as easy as “the flick of a switch”.

Anyone who passed my 10th grade US Geography class would have been aware of the fact that there are several “Newarks” in the US…