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07 civic won't start after new battery

My car tested for a bad battery Fri after it wouldn’t start, there was nothing said about the alternator or starter. Replaced it with a new one and it won’t start again. It’s also 2° where I live

Please explain what “won’t start” means. Does the starter crank normally, slowly, or not at all?

I’m sorry, but I know nothing about cars. Are you referring to the noise it makes when starting??

That is exactly what they are asking. What happens when you try to start the car? Silence? Clicking sound? Or a rrr, rrr, rrr sound?
If it is the rrr,rrr,rrr sound is it slow, fast, or normal?

I would say a silent rr, very short. All the lights, headlights, and wiper blades work still

Power to the starter solenoid comes from the ignition switch and has to pass through safety switches like the shifter or clutch switch before it can get to the solenoid. Try cycling those things to see if that changes things. Hearing a single fairly load click when try to START the engine usually indicates bad solenoid contacts or dirty battery connections. You don’t seem to have that issue though.

Assuming the battery is fully charged and is good, an iffy starter motor could be the cause of a no-crank like this. Your prior faulty battery could have shortened the life of your starter motor. I’m guessing you have a remaining problem, the starter motor needs to be replaced. Other things to check, assuming you have an automatic trans try starting in “N” rather than “P”, and try jiggling the shift lever a little when starting. If that does the trick, you’ve got a neutral safety switch problem. I guessing tho a new starter motor is what you need.