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Car will not start

I have a 1992 lexus sc400 that will not start ,I create a discusson on 4/13/08 I discovered that fuel is getting to the fuelrails but not to the sparkplugs.the Question is where is the fuel presure regulator located and how I hook up the pressure guage to the engine?

Here is what the fuel pressure regulator looks like:,14900165/shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm I don’t do tutorial. There are good sources of information in the various repair manuals, such as: Haynes, Chilton’s,,, etc. One misdiagnosed “repair” could pay for a repair manual several times over. Can you not find one?

We asked you a number of questions, and asked you to do a number of things, and asked you to tell us the results, on 04/13/08. You didn’t do those things, or answer those questions, except, you used the Starting spray.

The car only runs, evenly, as long as you are spraying the Starting spray, you stated. This means that there is, at least some, spark. So, the fuel system is part of the problem. Now, you need the 'noid light to check to see if the fuel injectors are getting signals to spray; and check fuel pressure.
Try your public library for repair manuals, and Internet sources. Ask a librarian.