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Car will no longer start after dead battery and jump

My wife left the lights on in the 2001 Camry and completely draining the battery. I tried to jump her but the car would not start (turns over great). Also the electrical system was strange in that the lights would not go off and other electrical items did not function.

I disconnected the battery and fully recharged it and put it back on. I noticed that the “ALT” (100A) fusible link was blown and replaced it.

Car still will not start (turns over great). The electrical problems appear fixed however the radio does not work. I tried to read the codes on the ODB and got “ERR”. I checked all other fuses and they are good. I checked the pin-out voltage on the ODB port and was reading ~11.5V.

I am wondering if I missed something like is the ECM bad? I can replace this myself for $150, but if I have it towed to a dealer it will cost me $800. Is there a way I can be sure that the ECM is bad, also are there other things to check that I may have missed. Also, when I turn the key to the “on” position, but do not start the car, the “Check engine” light does not illuminate.

Sounds like, at some point, you connected the jumpers backwards, if only for a moment…That blown alternator link is telling the sad tale…This could get very expensive…

That’s quite the towing estimate. How far is your mechanic? It might be a lot cheaper to rent a U-Haul truck with a dolly for a day and tow it yourself.

With the 100amp fuse link blown I’m almost certain that the jumpers were hooked up backwards.

No check engine light with key on, engine off? Check all the fuses everywhere, underhood and underdash. If you’re lucky, the fuses will have taken the hit to the electrical system. If not, well, um,…

A bad fuse can be overlooked so it is a good idea to make sure voltage is getting through them by using a test probe or meter. Also make sure power is getting to the ECU.

Big clue, “the radio does not”. Check that fuse and replace it if necessary. Some cars use the radio fuse as power to the ecm as well. At least the radio fuse is used to reset the ecm.