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Messed up my paint job :(

hey guys i just found out about you and i hope you can help me. i got some car wash soap with wax in it and i washed my car with a bad piece that left swirl marks allover my car. it looks like i scratched the clear coat or something. i got a microfiber piece and washed it again but it didn’t help. have i messed up my paint job for life or is there a solution? whats the solution?

Go to your local automotive detail shop and show them the damage. They can assess it and let you know if it can be buffed out. A light buff job is typcially not all that expensive. Leave it to the pros to fix…

I’ve used Meguair’s Cleaner Wax to remove surface scratches on many cars. I’ve been using it for over 25 years on all my vehicles. It takes more effort than a compound, but there’s little chance of harming the paint.

Good luck,

Ed B.

If you dont want to pay the high price for a buff out that a shop will typically charge, get some “rubbing compound” along with some paste wax of the same brand. follow the directions on the package and good luck to you.

Start with Polishing Compound, which is much less abrasive than rubbing compound.

If the polishing compound doesn’t work, then you might want to go to the more abrasive stuff, but I would not recommend starting with the most abrasive!