Car warranties

I bought a car that has a 60,000 mile bumper-to bumper warranty, 100,000 mile on the power train. Is it necessary to get all oil changes and repair work done at a dealership so that the warranty is not at risk? Can I take it to an accredited station (like triple A) for simple things like tire rotation, oil changes, etc.? Some dealerships are closing down these days - what happens to the warranty if there isn’t a dealership close by?

You don’t have to go to a Kia dealership for routine maintenance, but you MUST keep detailed and accurate records if you go elsewhere. As long as you can prove the maintenance schedule (it’s with the owner’s manual) was followed the warranty remains in effect.

If a nearby dealer closes you’ll have to find another Kia dealership. Any Kia dealer will honor the warranty.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Kia. They’re on their way up, and I don’t think Kia dealers have to worry too much about closing.

Since Kia and Hyundai are linked, it’s also possible that Hyundai might honor the Kia warranty, but, as I said, I wouldn’t worry too much right now about Kia. They aren’t having any trouble selling cars.

It is not necessary to get the work done by the dealer. But of you do need to access the warranty it’ll be necessary to prove the work was done. Keep all copies of the shop orders/receipts for all the work. I keep mine in the folder with my owners’ manual.

Oil changes and maintenance work can be done by the facility of your choice. It is important to keep exact records and receipts in case you have a warranty claim. A plus in getting maintenance done at a dealer only is the fact that they tend to keep very good records on what they do to you car, and can be relied upon to use that information to help substantiate a warranty claim. The big minus can be cost of labor and parts, compared to an independent.

You didn’t tell us if this warranty is backed by the manufacturer, or not. If this is the manufacturer’s warranty, and if the local dealer shuts down, any KIA dealer can do the warranty work. You have that right whether the dealer shutters, or not.

thank you all for replying to my question. You all gave me the same answer - not necessary to go to a dealership as long as you keep all receipts and records of maintenance. And I do that, I’m kind of anal about keeping stuff like that, so I should be good.

And although I’m sure I made a good choice in buying a Kia, one dealership has already closed here in Phoenix, but there are 2 more to fall back on, just not in my immediate area, but at least they’re still open. Thanks, all!