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2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - Should I do the maintenance?

We are driving from Chicago to Philadelphia in a few weeks for a move. I have 23,000 miles on my car - do you recommend going to the dealer for the 22,000 mile scheduled maintenance? I have had the car for 1 year and put about 9,000 miles on it.

If you haven’t done the 22,000 mile scheduled maintenance yet, then yes I would do it before you leave.

First, I’m assuming this car is still in warranty. If so, you’re jeopardizing your warranty coverage by already being overdue for this service. That’s not a good idea.

Second, most of us here believe that it’s cheaper to do regular maintenance than to ignore it and fix the expensive problems that can result, so most of us are going to tell you to do this service and to stick to the maintenance schedule in the future.

Finally, don’t do any service too close to a trip, so get it done now. If something is done incorrectly, you want to find out when you’re driving around town, not when you’re hundreds of miles from home.


1yr and 9k miles? have you changed the oil during that time? i think the only other item might be check/replace cabin air filter. rotate tires? i think everything else is check-check-check. thats the only thing the dealer has talked to me about in my 15’ civic in 3 yrs time. what items does the manual say to do? you have read it?

thank you for everyone’s replies -I am currently having the service performed at the dealer.

I changed the oil once 4 months after having the car. I was just overdue for an oil change. We are going to do the scheduled maintenance so as not to impact the warranty.


I can’t imagine there would be much to do, maintenance-wise. Oil change, rotate tires, inspections, maybe a filter change?

I’ll tell you one thing I’ve noticed - the engine and cabin air filter changes seem to be expensive to have done at the dealer, but are so simple to do at home. Yeah, you got to buy the filter at an auto parts store, but once you’ve learned to do it the first time, you can save $25-50 each time. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth.