Car vibrating upon acceleration - engine misfire?

My 2000 VW Passat GLX wagon with 90K miles has a vibration that occurs when I reach about 50 mph and only upon acceleration (stops when I take my foot off the pedal). My husband thinks it is an engine misfire but none of my engine lights are coming on. I do also have an oil leak and recently had my CV joints replaced and have all new tires, and a recent alignment.

So, do you think it is an engine misfire, and if so, what does that mean? Do I need to get it fixed, and how much will that set me back? What do I need to know before taking to a mechanic so I don’t get hosed?



If you had a misfire your check engine light would be on. If your car requires premium fuek are you using it? Could be a bad/loose part in the front suspension.

I also recently, last month, took my car to the dealership because they sent me a safety recall notice and they checked the front end, and I also had the front end checked last november when I had a tune up and brake pads replaced. I use 93 octane fuel.