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2014 Subaru Forester - Vibrates

My 2014 forester starts to vibrate over 40 mph. Under 40 mph it is okay. Any suggestions? Thank you

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I don’t suppose you have considered wheel balancing and an alignment.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Does it vibrate when you accelerate, when you coast, or both?

… and, does it vibrate when you drive at a steady speed of more than 40 mph?

When accelerating going over 40 mph.


I believe @VDCdriver and @lion9car are considering a misfire as another real concern. Many times this would be accompanied by a check engine light.

That is entirely possible, but if somebody truly desires help with his vibration problem, would it make any sense to omit a refence to an illuminated CEL?

My intentions were to ask OP if there was a check engine light. The above should have said " is the check engine light on?" Anytime I here of a vibration starting at 40, my first thought is misfire.

My first guess on this symptom would be “tires damaged in a pothole OR out of balance”.

Other posters gave here a good set of tests like checking if vibration is any different when cruising / accelerating / decelerating, as it would help to get an idea if this is something in a driveline.