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Car trouble

When im driving car wants to act like its dien, only does this when driving. Any suggestions?

Sorry for your troubles. You give so little information - it could be anything.

Wow, not much to go on here. When you say ‘dien’ do you mean dying, as in the engine wants to stop? What is the make, model and year of this car. What is the maintenance history? Is the check engine light on? If it is on, go to an auto parts store like Advance etc, and they can check the codes for free, post the codes here-not the description but the actual code. The car could be dying due to no gas in the tank, clogged fuel filter, bad plugs, badly clogged air filter, clogged catalytic converter, a bunch of other problems.

The OP’s car is “dien”?
That phenomenon certainly didn’t turn out well for the French army, back in the early '50s…


Seriously, however, a LOT more information from the OP is needed before anyone here can provide anything that will be useful to him.

Year, make, model, transmission type, engine (if options exist), mileage, Check Engine Light if applicable, any known history…
and under exactly what conditions is it dying?
Without this information we cannot even guess.