1986 chevy celeb


I have a been having problems with my car dying when i come to a stop. I check the battery and it is fine. What else could it be?


When the engine dies, does it just shut off? Or does it stumble and die?

And what do you have to do to get it to start again?



it stumbles and dies. and i start it back up but have to hit the gas right away to keep it going. And when i do come to a stop i have to keep tapping the brake so it doesn’t die.


How many miles on this car and how long since it had a full tuneup and fuel filter service?


If you keep your foot on the gas just slightly, will it keep running? If that is the case you might be able to up the idle a little bit with a screw that is on the carburetor


OK! Is it carburated? Throttle body injection? Or multiport injection? And what size engine?

I know these questions get harder, but that’s how we know what we’re working with.


              46787 and i have no idea we have never gave it a tune up. we changed the spark plugs 2 days ago and i dont need an oil change till next month.




I have no idea what size it is and neither does my mom


Does the rear bumper say “2.8 multiport fuel injection” ?


Have your mom lightly press on the gas, while the hood is popped and you are looking under the hood. You can do this with the car on or off. Look for the cable that moves a lever on the top of the motor. If this vehicle has a carburetor, it will be pulling a lever on the carb. There should be a little screw on the carburetor, just inside of the lever that was just turned by your mom pushing the gas petal. The screw should be a standard slotted, turn it a full turn clockwise. Drive the car around a little bit and see if that helped. If it didn’t turn it some more in the same direction (clockwise).
Sorry, I am looking at a carburetor from an older Chevy right now. Any more information should come from one of the forum posters with more experience than me.


Good post. I assumed that it has a carburetor, but it may be fuel injected.


geez making me go outside lol jk yes


Yeah, we’ve actually got three possibilities on that car. It’s either a 4 cylinder with throttle body injection, a 2.8 with a carb or the 2.8 multiport, though I’d imagine after 22 years the multiport would be the one most likely on the road and running. Though her symptoms sound carbish. Whole car could probably use a thorough tuneup and examination at this point.


Yes it says multiport??




its a 6 cylinder and it says 2.8 multiport FI My mom said we are going to try a fuel pump and get a diagnostic…I want to thank all of you for your help!!! :] I know im a girl but maybe i should learn a few things huh




OK, I can tell you that you don’t need a fuel pump if the car runs better or won’t stall when you press on the gas. There is a chance you’ve built up a small amount of gunk in the throttle body that is keeping the car from idling properly. This can be remedied with a can of throttle body cleaner from a local parts store sprayed into the throttle body. A free solution might be to increase the idle speed slightly with the screw that controls the throttle blades. In any case, if you’ve already changed the spark plugs and have a clean air filter in there the only thing left I’d recommend replacing is the fuel filter. AFter that you might just have to make a few adjustments and clean out the throttle body. These are all things a local mechanic should be able to handle for very little money.


You don’t need a fuel pump! See my above post.