Car dies

I need help. I’m new to this so I don’t know if I should be asking about car problems here or somewhere else. But here goes: I have a 1986 Toyota Camry that kept dying on me. The radio would go out, and then I new it was coming, it was obviously some kind of battery issue I thought, so we took it to the mechanics, and they thought that it must be the alternator, well 2 alternators later, and it still died. Thank goodness for AAA because I was towed 4 times in one year. So then the mechanics found a loose connection, and thought that must have been the problem, they fixed, it, and the car still died even with a brand spankin new battery. They finally told me that they couldn’t do anything, and couldn’t find the problem. So then we bought an '87 Toyota Corolla, that drove like a Champ, until my husband and I went out for our anniversary (an hour drive from home), and it stalled. Not the same thing with this one, the battery didn’t go out, the car just started sputtering while we were driving, and we pulled over, and it died. Unlike with the other car, the lights still worked, and we were still able to turn it over, it just wouldn’t start. We finally after a few minuets though got it to start back up. We thought it must have been a fluke, until a month later when we were driving and it happened again!!! This time we tried to start it over and over, and it just wasn’t happening, we tried so much that we killed the battery doing so, and had it towed to my mechanics. Guess what they said? There’s nothing wrong with the car. They said that when they got it it, started right up, they checked the fuel pump, and some other things that they could think of, and they said nothing was wrong with it. So we had them keep it for a month and drive it, but it never died for them. I can’t use the car because I’m scared of getting stranded somewhere. Does anyone have an idea to either of these problems. We still have both the cars.

What do the engine diagnostic codes say when you pull them up? That will at least tell you what circuit/area to investigate. And find new mechanics!!