Car transport

My husband purchased a car in Arizona and we live in Atlanta. We are researching the best way to transport it back to Georgia, but are afraid of getting a “fly by night” transort company that may damage the car or not be reliable in terms of timing, etc. Any suggestions or a web site where we can see reviews of such companies?

There are many fully bonded firms in the car transport business. You could start by asking the regular moving firms like Allied, etc. how they move a client’s vehicles. If you live in a big city, there will be some listings under “Car Transport” or similar headings.

If the car is worth much in value to you FedEx offers closed transport I have heard many car buffs use with great success. Its not cheap but not sure what you are moving.

Not a lot of problems moving cars. Call a smaller moving company and get a price. I estimate $1500. You should drive it. Nice trip in four days. Fly there.