Car throwing code after repair

Long story short I got my catalytic converter replaced, then my transfer case chain two days later as they said it was the cause of noise I was hearing during acceleration/deceleration. (Didn’t drive it but maybe 10 mins between repairs as I only live mins away from the shop). As soon as I left the shop I noticed my cold air button wasn’t illuminated. I push it and it blinks and shuts off. Then I noticed a P0036 trouble code which I scanned with a small code reader I have. After that it started saying service stabiltrak, service traction control and now I can’t even connect to my computer with the code reader anymore it just doesn’t connect. I’ve read possible blown fuse downstream? Anything possibly connected to when they replaced the converter? I’m assuming the transfer case chain has nothing to do with this. I do have an appointment Thursday for them to look into it. Thanks in advance.


why was your catalytic converter replaced? Who suggested that, and what were their reasons?

this being a GM ‘truck,’ I would suggest you start by verifying the battery cables are clean and tight. They have a knack of coming loose on GM’s side post battery terminals, and can erratic computer issues.

I went to accelerate one time and couldn’t get above 40mph almost like I lost 3rd/4th It wouldn’t shift. It did have sluggish acceleration at the time and in the past as well, so I do believe it was clogged up. The owners kid is actually a friend from high school and he’s part of the team as well, so I don’t believe they were lying about it. I frequent them whenever I need service they’ve been nothing but honest about stuff and even looked at it without charge before. The battery on mine is located under the back seat. I can check the jumper post and ground though.

That is a classic description of Limp Home mode:

Limp Mode: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnosis ( 4 Easy Fixes ) (

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It sounds like the O2 sensor problem has confused the car’s computer. It’s also possible the computer bus system has failed for some reason, likely a connector is loose. The stabiltrak and traction control issues are probably unrelated to the actual problem, and those warnings will go away once the other problem is resolved. I concur the xfer case timing chain isn’t likely the issue.

So you are correct in my O2 going bad which I’m guessing is the likely cause of my previous cat issue. My check engine light would illuminate every so often, but never stay light through multiple starts until recently.

They replaced my transfer case chain/case and not even a week later my whole case splits in half. Driveshaft is on the ground with half the case. Thank God for warranties, but how does a newer (58k miles) one fail so quickly? I didn’t see any transmission fluid leaks. Oh well.

No idea how that happened, but my guess is the replacement procedure wasn’t done correctly. Like you say let the warranty handle it, not you. I have a 4WD Ford truck, 50 years old, same xfer case, never replaced. Mine doesn’t use a chain though. The ones that use a chain, I think those – at least on Fords of that era — have a rear/aft differential which allows full time 4WD. The downside to no chain, I have to get out of the truck and lock the front hubs in order to switch from 2WD to 4WD. Generally not a problem unless I get stuck in a big mud puddle, then I have to crawl across the hood to access the hubs … lol …

Ford trucks of that era were really built tough, for rough service. If you were watching tv for an hour or two you couldn’t miss seeing a Ford truck advertisement, repeating their mantra Ford trucks are built Ford tough. It must have been a pretty good mantra, b/c I still remember it.

This tough aspect of 50 year old Ford trucks doesn’t extend to the glove box, which is made out of cardboard … lol … seriously. I’m imagining the Ford designconference room :slight_smile:

Manager: Now remember everybody this truck has to be built Ford tough. Jerry, will the suspension you designed do the job?

Jerry: Sure enough boss, we’re using vanadium steel throughout. Ford tough.

Manager: Rick, will the rear axle you designed do the job?

Rick: Surely so boss, we’re using a 9 inch ring gear, an extra bearing for the pinion, and the case is nodular iron.

Manager. You guys got the problem well in hand!! Now, Terry, what about that glove box? What
material are you using for that?

Terry (meekly) … well, hmmm … ahh … lol … lol…

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