03 Buick Century 3.1L --0141 Check engine light

I recently had my catalytic converter changed. No codes were thrown until after the converter was replaced. I have had a 0141 thrown twice. I assume that the O2 heater has gone bad although it was OK before that cat was changed. Should I look for anything else? Do I change the O2 sensor before or after the catalytic converter? Thank you!

The O2 sensor after the CAT has a problem with it’s heater circuit. If you just replaced the CAT, and this code showed up, I would have to say that the heater section of the O2 sensor couldn’t tolerate the thermal shock of replacing the CAT.


Why did the catalytic converter go bad? Did you fix the problem(s) in the engine that may have caused it to go bad?
Is the oxygen sensor heater getting 12 volt power? Does it have a good grounding wire going to the engine computer?

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