Car Storage in Eastern Ma



My brother has a ?68 Rover that needs long term storage. Are there any storage places, indoor/out, in Eastern Ma that folks can suggest?

The car does not run at the moment, so will be towed.

Storage price is more important than, towing distance.

Thanks for any help.




I can’t recommend a particular place, but I suggest that long term outdoor storage is not worth doing at any price.

Indoor storage is much better, but there’s a HUGE difference between indoor storage and indoor parking. If you just tow a car into a garage and leave it, it will continue to deteriorate. Correct long-term storage is a complex process.

Good luck.


Stating that indoor storage will continue to deteriorate a vehicle without knowing the storage conditions is misinformation. A dry, reasonably cool, well ventilated storage location indoors will not deteriorate your vehicle. Park it well warmed, with a recently fresh oil change, with a filled gas tank and well warmed before parking. Then disconnect the battery or use a float charger or battery tender. If you store for more than a year, then you might want to buy a new battery. If your tires have no slow leaks then they will be fine as is for a year. Steel belted tires do not flat spot. Bias belted nylon tires from the past did that and the belief has not completely gone away.

Do not periodically drive the car; there is no need for that for a year. If you must use it, then park again as described. You might want to get in contact with a car collector group to verify what I say.


Long term? Eastern MA? Cha-Ching! You are already aware that a conventional storage place is going to be big $$$. I stored three cars for about 6 months in Peabody while I was moving and it was very expensive! My suggestion is to look in the local papers for people who have storage space available on their property. This will be the most cost effective. You will need the appropriate insurance to protect the investment and take great pains to rodent proof the vehicle.


Junkyard is free. Just have to chance that it won’t be turned into scrap before you can buy it back.