Winter Storage

I recently purchased a new Hyundai Elantra (standard transmission). I will be storing it Jan Feb Mar in an unheated garage in Southern Maine-

What do I need to do re: tires, engine, fuel, etc. to protect it while gone. (There is a possibility that I could have a neighbor start it twice/month. If so, how long should he run it each time. It will not be drivable for insurance reasons.

Any tips will help.

This isn’t really a long time in storage. You might not have to do anything. Several of my cars would have a run the battery down in 3 months so if you have electricity in the garage I’d buy a battery tender charger and hook it up to the battery.

I would treat the gas with a stabilizer and since we have ethanol in the gas now, I’d use a marine fuel stabilizer. If the motor is near due for an oil change I’d get that done just prior to shutting it down.

I"d also get it washed just prior to storage so there isn’t road salt and chemicals sitting on the paint. If there is potential for bird droppings (or bat droppings) I’d put a cover on it. Also critters like mice and squirrels can do major damage if they nest in the car. They chew up wires, sound deadening materials, and upholstery cushions; so take some measures to keep them out of the car. A good barn cat helps and sticky traps around the car are good too. Do not put bait in the car as it attracts them before they eat it. If your unheated garage is really more of a “barn” I’d consider another place to store it.

I would look into a “Battery Tender” read your owners manual see if it says anything about short term storage

check the coolant level

Not much for that short time. Fill it up and maybe a little SeaFoam in the gas, but your main problem will be rodents. Is the garage tight? Use Decon, etc. Also heard dryer sheets inside help to keep criters away and steel wool in the exhaust. Who nees a new car with the upholstery or wiring chewed up.

Is there an electrical outlet in the garage? If so, I’d also go with a ‘battery tender’, and I wouldn’t have the neighbors start the car.

My 79 is going to sit my driveway untill at least march.
The only things I do to it are ;
Staybil fuel stabilizer in both tanks. ( I only put gas in about once a year , if even that )
Tire covers because it’s parked outside.
Solar trickle charger.
Windshield sun shade.

But your garage trumps my tire covers so all you need is a battery tender for inside the garage.

I usually bump my tire pressures up 5 or so pounds to counteract reduction from the cold temps and offset any small leakage over the idle period. Bummer having a tire ruined from sitting flat for an extended period…

No problem for such a short storage. As mentioned, I’d put some stabilizer in the gas, block off the tailpipe if there is a danger of rodents. A battery maintainer hooked up will ensure it stays charged. Bounce towels under the seats will deter any vermin.

Many slow selling cars sit longer on dealers lots without any attention.