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Car steering fighting

So I have a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. When driving and turning right the steering wheel fights back to the left. It’s sort of hard to turn turn. When turning left it’s nice and smooth. Any idea what this could be? My tire pressure is fine. I brought it to Honda twice but they said they didn’t find anything. They did do a wheel alignment and it seemed to have gotten better for a little bit but then started doing it again. I’m not sure they are looking into the issue correctly. Any idea what this could be and possibly suggest for them to check? I think I vaguely remember hitting a pothole bad with the font left tire about a year ago. Thanks.

Your new Honda has electronic assisted power steering. Which means instead of a power steering pump which provides hydraulic assisted power steering, the rack and pinion has an electric motor mounted in it.

One of the inputs to the computer for this system to work is the steering wheel angle sensor. That’s what I’d be looking at.


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Thanks very much

Steering systems are complicated and so there are many things that could cause this. An alignment makes sense, but it seems that didn’t fix it or determine the cause. If nothing is found from the sensor test above, take it back to the dealership and insist on taking your car on a test drive w/one of the techs. You drive and point out when this happens, then let the tech drive it the same place, same turn, same speed so they can feel what you are feeling. If the dealership says this is normal – it certainly sounds abnormal and unsafe – then ask to take a test drive in another Accord to see if that Accord feels the same as your Accord, or not. If the other Accord feels the same, then I guess this is something you have to live with.