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2013 Honda Accord Sdn - Power steering issue

I have a 2013 Honda accord touring 3.5l starter has been acting up every so often. The power steering went out for about 14hrs then started working idk what happened no check engine lights came on Honda tells me there’s nothing they can do properly diagnose it because it shows there’s nothing wrong

Your Honda has electrically assisted power steering instead of hydraulic assisted power steering.

This means the computer provides the steering assist.

There’s a steering wheel position sensor sensor that sends a signal to the computer,,2013,accord,3.5l+v6,3294156,steering,steering+wheel+position+sensor,13497

and from that signal the computer operates the electric motor on the steering rack.

With this type of steering system, it’s hard to diagnose if there’s a problem with the system unless it occurs in front of the technician…