Car starting by itself?!

I have a after market remote starter on a 1994 buick lesabre. In the last 2 weeks, we have awoken to our car running, and none of us started it. The remote control for the remote starter has no battery in it and has not had a battey in it for the last 2 years. How can the car start by itself?

The most likely answer is that somehow the remote starter is causing the unintended “car running” situation. These systems are very easy to disconnect. The way these things work is that they sit in series with the wire that goes to the starter solenoid. This wire (up at the switch) is a heavy gague yellow wire. All that is done is this wire is cut and each end attactes to the module. All that needs to be done to remove the possibility of the remote starter from being the cause here is to reconnect the ends of the heavy yellow wire with a yellow colored “butt crimp connector”. Now if the car still ends ups running unintended after the remote starter has been removed we will deal with that at the proper time.

If not the above maybe one of your neighbors has a similar remote starter and may be on the same frequency as yours ? Just a hunch…I had a neighbor that when the kid across the street would transmit on his CB he would make their garage door open and close.

Those remote starters have a history of problems. It is generally better for the car to have the driver start the car, let it idle for a minute and then head out. It is a little colder for the driver, but the car will prefer it.

do you mean ignition switch?

yes, the place where the wire leading down to the starter is usually cut and the module spliced in is much closer to the ignition switch than the starter. If you remove the panel above your legs when you are sitting in the drivers seat (you don’t need to be sitting in the seat when you remove the panel) you will see where the module is spliced in. By the time this wire gets to the starter solenoid it has turned into a purple wire. I say hook this yellow wire back up like it was rather that scour the neighborhood lookng for what ever is setting off the remote starter.

i did not see where it attaches to the starter selohoid

Why are you looking for an attachment at the starter soleniod when I said the attachment will be closer to the ignition key?