1992 Buick Park Avenue - Mystery problem

About 3 weeks ago I was driving and my car stalled I pulled over it started. Trying to get back to my mechanic it tried to stalled I put it in neutral gave it gas. I got back to his shop. Now he says he can t find the problem he has tried a lot of parts . It seems it only does this when it gets hot. Now he says he took it to another shop. PLEASE HELP. God bless and thank you. Gary

Crankshaft position sensor may be going bad. That will cause stalling when hot and will not throw a check engine light.


More than likely the Idle Air Control valve is either dirty or defective.



Does the stall occur when the engine is idling or near idling (like at a stop sign), or does it stall when you are driving down the road at 35 mph or faster? If the latter, also consider a faulty ignition coil. If you can get the car to the mechanic (by towing, etc) when the car won’t start, that’s the perfect condition for the mechanic to diagnose the problem.

You would think so a couple of weeks ago my truck wouldn’t start had it towed to the shop it started right up after the tow truck driver unloaded it. :grinning:

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Years ago I had my 70’s VW Rabbit towed to the dealership shop b/c I couldn’t get it to start after I’d performed a fuel injection system diagnostic experiment. It cranked ok, had started fine before, but no matter what I tried, fuel check ok, spark checked ok, still I couldn’t get it to start. They shop called me as soon as the tow truck arrived, asking why I had the Rabbit towed in, after all they said it started right up on their first attempt. Turns out my experiment had simply flooded the engine with gasoline, and the towing or the time it took allowed it to dry out enough to start.

That VW had some similarity with OP’s car now I think about it. It would tend to stop running while driving on the freeway for no apparent reason. Happened at least twice, for different reasons: Faulty fuel pump relay, and faulty ignition coil.

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When mine quit I had shut it down when I got home then when I went to start it the next day it would crank but not start the first thing they said at the shop bouncing around on the tow truck was the same as hitting the tank and that the fuel pump might be going out until I pointed out to them that there was two tank’s and two fuel pumps and didn’t think they both would quit at the same time they checked all the usual problems and could find nothing wrong it has been starting and running good ever since.

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