Want stay running

truck starts up great will run about 15 min then just shuts off like its out of gas but will start right back up with no problem will only run for about 15 more mins 4 cyl fuel injection

Year, mileage, condition and maintenance history please.

15 minutes at a time?

I’d be inclined to want to check the fuel (pressure & regulator), the EVAP system (is the path through which it breaths in restricted…perhaps a clogged charcoal bed?), and perhaps even for an exhaust restriction (is it low on power when it’s runnong?)

If it’s '96 or beyond you may have some stored fault codes. That might help.

it has about 180000 on it prob has had no maintenance in years truck has plenty of power when its running just acts like it runs out of fuel but tank is full new gas cap

where is the fuel pump reg at on this model 1992 ranger xlt 4 cyl