1993 Ford Ranger

I have a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT with a 2.3 liter engine. It’s a nice small pickup and in very good condition except for one problem. I want to keep it and I’m willing to put a little money into it. The problem is that it will occassionaly stall out a few moments after starting up. It will then not restart for an hour or longer. When it does restart it runs fine for a week or two then stalls again. I have had it to a Ford dealer and other good mechanics but no one can find the problem because when they look at it it runs fine. I have replaced the fuel filter, air filter ,etc. and given it a thorough tune-up with new plugs, wires, distributer caps, etc. What’s going on with this vehicle. Help!!

I have a 93 Explorer (4.0) that still runs like new with 225,000 miles on it. Definetly keep your Ranger. Have you looked into fuel pressure problems when the Ranger doesn’t run - especially look into this if the Ranger acts like it runs out of gas when it dies out.
I would also look into a massive voltage draw somewhere. I also have an old chevy Step Side that I stuffed a high performance 396 in. It runs a 7 second quarter mile. I had a problem with it suddenly dieing out after I hammered it on the track (Or when cruizing). I eventually figured out that my main hot wire going from the battery to the starter had just enough insulation missing off of it to ground out on the frame when the cable was being blown just right, and it sucked all the voltage away from all other components long enough to kill the ignition until I stopped completely and the cable came away from the frame - then would restart after the chargeing system cooled off.