Missing ford ranger

Our 1994 ford ranger, 4 cylinder with 8 spark plugs, will sometimes start to miss real bad, lose power where it will not speed up and sometimes slow down and cut off. This happens about 2 miles from the house. It will start right up And is fine after that. I’ve changed the spark plugs and wires, had the injectors cleaned, fuel filter replaced, and put stabil in several tanks of gas. All no help. Any ideas?

Most of what you did was good. Putting stabilizer in the gas will not help. Its only use is to slow down the polymerization of fuel over time, it can not un-do anything that has already happened.

I am thinking the ignition system, but I am not sure what system this truck has.

Check the crankshaft position sensor (cps). Click here for pictures and instructions: http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker?ForwardPage=az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/0b/97/32/0900823d800b9732.jsp The ignition module uses the signal from the cps to time the ignition.

See what I did “engine running rough missing” above There are many inputs to the EEC. Some times all that is needed is a manual reset. What? The manufacture did not want you to do that, so they did not put one on your car. The trick is to find out which one caused the problem to give it a reset. Disconnect it for a while and reconnect it. Good Luck

If it keeps doing that, you might want to try changing the engine computer. It may be relatively cheap.

I have almost 1,000,000 total miles on EEC-IV Fords and have never experienced or even heard about an engine computer failure. It’s almost always a sensor or control module or in some cases a fuel pump.

i agree,try pulling codes step one.then diag.step two ,step three repair,step 4 verify. easy as walking