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Bought a 1999 buick regal ten minutes later broke down

car ran great during test drive after putting more gas in car ten miles down road car would not go to sixty check engine light came on car died would start back up idle would jump up and down and when you put into drive it would die. if you kept foot on gas when you put it in drive you could drive it engine shakes bad what do you think is going on.

It could be as simple as a dying coil or as complicated as a dying fuel pump. The best place to start is by having the codes read, but if it isn’t running the only choice you really have is to have it towed to a garage and have them look at it.

Sorry. There just isn’t enough information here to guess.

Try changing the fuel filter to see if that clears the trouble.

Could you have mistakenly bought diesel?

Since this happened directly after you added fuel I would venture a guess that your gas cap is defective…Try loosening the cap in the event that your current one cannot vent properly…if this happens it creates a vacume in the tank making it impossible or very difficult for the fuel pump to get fuel to the engine. Happens quite often… Loosen your cap and try to get it started…it may take a little bit for the fuel pump to pump up if it did indeed suffer from a non venting capm so be patient…YOu can help it by turning the key on and off several x without trying to start it first.

OOF…Diesel? If you did that then we DO have a problem… Is there any possibility that you DID put D-Fuel in the tank?