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Car Stalling At Low speeds/while stopped

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what year is your Taurus?


I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle and it has started doing just what you described here. I brought my car to Hub City Ford, Lafayette,LA. 2 days ago. I’ve tried contacting them to see what’s going on and haven’t had a reply yet. I’ve bought my car there and have my car serviced and maintenances there regularly. I’ll see what they say

It is 1996

Another thing that seems to cause it is hot daytime weather. I also did a test and found that hitting the gas hard seemed to increase the chances of the engine Stalling but again only at really low speeds or while stopped. I can feel the stall coming usually with the car getting more and more jerky beforehand and the steering wheel, gas and brakes giving me more resistance than usual.

The stalling might be due to a faulty Idle Air Control valve.,1996,taurus,3.0l+v6+ohv,1138979,fuel+&+air,idle+air+control+(iac)+valve,6072

The IAC valve is what controls the engines idle anytime the accelerator released.