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Taurus that Dies Randomly on Idle

I originally took in my Ford Taurus for a squeaky fan belt. They replaced the Cam Synchronizer too, and a new DPFE valve. Then it started dying on me in idle - very randomly, about 2-3 times per week. Since then I have been back twice, had engine tuned and idle motor replaced. And it’s still randomly quitting on me when I come to a stop.

Year, mileage, and anything else you can think of. All Tauruses are NOT the same.

What is a DPFE valve?

We’re not mind readers.

Could be the idle air control (IAC).

Consider the A/C compressor. It may be dragging the idle down. When you feel it about to stall, if you have time, turn the A/C off, and note any change. Also, if you have time before it dies, shift the automatic transmission to N. Any change?
HOW does the engine stall? Slowly, suddenly, bucks?

2000 Taurus, 85,000 miles
I don’t know what the DPFE valve is!

It stalls in a hurry, no warning, just that I am stopping at a red light or slowing down to park.

Thanks - I’ll tell the mechanic this week