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Car squeaks when turning

I just bought a 2004 Chevy Aveo with about 69,000 miles on it. Today, I noticed that when I turn it makes a squeaking noise, primarily when I turn to the right. I am not having any problems driving the car.

Any idea what the problem is? How much will it cost to fix? Will my car be in trouble if I wait to get it looked at? Thank you.

Actually, it squeaks going straight and through speed bumps too. Help!

Can you give us some more information? Does it do it all the time (all different weather etc.)? Does it do it more when turning (different left or right) Where does the sound come from (front back left right?) more or less at different speeds? How about when entering a drive with a bit of the bump?

Does it sound like that old commercial with the old man driving about 10 mph with his wife screaming “You are going to get us killed!!”

You may not be having a problem driving the car now, but since no one knows why it is making the noise, no one can tell you it is safe to drive.

Well, I just bought the car a week ago from a dealer, but I bought it as is. I live on a tropical island, so the weather is always the same. So, I don’t think that’s the issue. I think the sound comes from the front right, but I’m not sure. It happens more when driving slow then fast, though it happens both ways.

I never saw that commercial, so I’m not sure.

You’re going to have to improve on your description - e.g. “It happens more when driving slow then fast” just doesn’t say anything. (even tho I imagine you mean to write “than fast”) What kinds of roads? Over bumps? No bumps? Doesn’t matter? Constant sound? Anything when sitting still? Does it change as you drive? What changes it? etc…

Think this way - there are many many things that can be squeaking and many different sounds that could be described as a “squeak.”

Of course, you just bought it a week ago - why not go back and have an actual mechanic drive it. Go with him/her to make sure they hear what you’re hearing.