2000 toyota avalon

at low speeds there is a high pitched squeaking. (drivers side front) I checked the breaks and they where a bit low so i changed them, but not worn out. The sound was stopped for several days and it has come back…It does sound like the breaks are low but i have no idea about the sound…Any ideas?

There are several possibilities. Does it make more noise when turning right, going straight or turning left??? Does it only make the noise when turning, or braking…?

Does it do it when driving slow? Fast?  Try driving past a friend and have them listen to see if it appears to be the right or left, front or back.  Did you do the bakes or were they professionally done?  Did you inform them about the noise when you have the brakes done? Did you ask them about the sound? 

 More noise when damp out?

it can be running fine and then at about 5mph with a left turn it starts and can be doing it until i pass about 15 miles an hour…breaking seems to set it off. I did the breaks myself.

noise is the same whether damp or not

Did you use brake pad grease when you installed the new pads or did you just slap them in there dry?

dry…um are you suggesting some grease?