2008 Chevrolet Aveo - Loud in certain directions

makes a loud noise when going in certain directions. Not constant in all directions.

we would need more info to help.
like what kind of sound? squeal, clunk, bang, ect.
where is the sound coming from?
is it when you are turning sharp, like a U-turn or like going around a curve?

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Could you please be a bit more vague?


Does it sound like it’s coming from the front? Left or right? It seems like you are saying the noise occurs when you are turning.

Does it get louder or go away when you turn one way or the other?
As stated could be a lot of things and we would need more information.
Could be the wear sensors on your brake pads backing plate for the rotor could be contacting the rotor ever so slightly and coming and going, could be a wheel bearing / hub assembly.
Are your tires even all the way across no cupping or uneven wear?