Yes...a strange noise again

Is it possible to send you an MP3 recording of the noise my car is making, I find it hard to describe…

I think so. Go to your thread, hit “Post your reply”, then click “attach file” and find your MP3 and try to upload it. It might work. I’ve never seen anyone do that, but it should be fun to see if it works.

…BTW, I’m pretty confident any noise we can hear through out little computer speakers will not sound anything like the real noise sounds like, thus making it near impossible to diagnose. But still interesting.

I’m sure it’s possible, but I doubt it’s worth doing. All car noises are hard to describe - just come back here and give it your best shot - high or low pitch, hissing, constant or intermittent, grinding, etc. More important is when does it do this - when your not moving, left turn right turn, braking, accelerating? Do this and the guys here will be able to help.

Carolina, This Car Talk Site Has A Car Noise Emporium. I Haven’t Checked It Out, But Here’s The Link To Click:

It’s found under Actual Car Information. See if anything sounds vaguely familiar and let us know.


Yeah that car noise emporium is a great tool for troubleshooting sounds your car makes…Not…It’s fun to listen to, but not a legitimate diagnostic tool