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Car shaking

My 2004 Honda Odyssey shakes when I am pressing on the gas and going 22 to 25 miles per hour and also around 45 miles per hour. It shops once I pass those speeds. could it my the Torque converter?

I doubt it is the converter causing the shaking. I would suspect the wheels or drive line.

You may be dealing with 2 issues. Shaking at 22-25 mph shouldn’t be the torque convertor, but could be internal trans problems, inner cv joints, even tires or mounts. A better description would help in diagnostics. Is it steering wheel shake, body vibrations, seat? The 45 mph vibration could definately be the convertor. This is the typical speed that the lock-up could try to engage. A good test is to drop it out of 5th into 4th. Lock-up only happens in 5th, so if the shaking goes away, or won’t occur in 4th, then prepare for a new convertor. Have them do the rear main seal while the trans is out.