Car shaking when i step on the brakes - nissan maxima

can anyone tell me what’s going on here whenever i step on the brakes in an intersection the car the seems to be shaking? thanks folks for your help always

If I am interpreting your question correctly, you are telling us that your brakes only shake the car if the brakes are applied while you are in an intersection, but not at other times. Truthfully, I can’t figure out what difference an intersection would make, so I will give you my take on possible reasons for vibration or shaking coming from your brakes.

This is likely to be a case of needing to have your brake rotors machined or replaced, as warped brake rotors are the usual cause of a symptom like this. There is also an outside chance that this could have something to do with the ABS system. I think that the only real mystery here is why the symptom appears only when braking at an intersection and not at other times, and that is something that I cannot answer. However, a brake problem is not something that will fix itself, and is a potential safety hazard–so you should not defer a visit to a mechanic.

So, if you have a trusted mechanic, report the symptoms to him and let him figure out exactly what the problem might be. If you don’t have a trusted mechanic, then ask friend, relatives, co-workers and neighbors for recommendations. DO NOT go to a chain operation such as Sears, Meineke, Midas, Monro, etc. unless you want to be charged for un-needed work and possibly wind up with substandard workmanship.

If you mean when stoped and have brakes on look for loose or broke motor or transmission mounts.
If you are moving I agree with VDCdriver

That is an excellent point!

I agree that, if the shaking takes place when the car is stopped, the problem is likely to be a broken motor mount (or two) or a broken transmission mount. Unfortunately, the question is worded in such a way that it is very difficult to figure out exactly what the OP is telling us.

Try holding the car in place with the parking brake. if the shaking stops, I would suspect a leaking power brake booster. If the engine still shakes, refer to the other posts.

I too interpreted the post as the car shaking when stopped and in “D”.

However, I’d like to know a lot more about how well the car is maintained. If the engine is idling poorly it can make the car shake, especially if it’s idling too fast. The torque converter does not 100% decouple the engine from the drivetrain.

I’m not disagreeing with the motor mounts as a suspect, or even the brake booster, just suggesting that it may be even more basic, like badly needing a tuneup.

warped rotors

As with so many other posts, it is not written in a manner that makes it possible to interpret it clearly.

There are several different possibilities, and unless the OP decides to clarify his/her cryptic description of the symptoms–“whenever i step on the brakes in an intersection the car the seems to be shaking”–we are all just throwing out random guesses.

OP–Are you still out there? Can you make your problem a lot more clear to those of us who are trying to help you?