Just recently i my car has been shaking when i am in park and when i brake. when i try to switch my gears from parked to drive the car automatically turns off, for me to keep the car going, i have to step on my gas to drive.

Does it occur at any time with your foot is OFF the brake pedal? The way you’re describing it …it may be a vacuum related problem with the brake booster. The brake must be applied when shifting out of PARK.

The diagnosis is simple. You unhook the hose from the brake booster and plug it. See if the condition is gone. Don’t drive it in that condition. It’s just for diagnosis. You should be able to drive it that way, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

It does not occur when i am driving, but it jerks when i take off. When i am in park or my foot is on the brake the car sometimes turns off. i assumed that it had to do something with my radiator but i previous got that fixed&it still seems to shake.

i am driving a 1999 ponatic grand am