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Car brakes

i had a problem with my car that started this evening which is the car shakes everytime i stepped on brakes.When i put the shift on park§ the shake goes away. Before that,i hear a squeki noise every morning when step on brake. After a while the noise goes away and starts the next morning.

You’re overdue for a brake job.

The shake may be warped brake rotors, or perhaps damaged rotors from worn out brake pads.

Either way, you should have someone check the brakes ASAP.

Explain the part about the shake going away when you put the shifter in park. Are you saying that when you hit the brakes the car shakes and continues to shake even after you have stopped? But then it will stop shaking if you are stopped and put it in park?

tha whole car shakes when i step on brakes but goes away when i put the shifter on park. The car does not shake at all when i start the engine only when i step on brake.

Well, that really cleared things up.

so what is your recomendation?

My best guess, based on the follow-up answers, is that you probably need a tune-up. Since I don’t know make, model, year, or engine option, I cannot advise you on what may be needed.

But, this is what I believe is happening. With the car in gear, and then the brake pedal being pressed, the engine needs to provide extra power to keep idle. But, with worn spark plugs, weak wires or coils, and/or a dirty throttle body, the engine is stumbling, maybe mis-firing, and causing the shakes. It smooths out when the car is in park, because it reduces the power demand.

Reading other posts made me want to add something.

It the car shakes when it’s at a standstill (with the brakes applied) in Drive, then I’d defer to BustedKnuckle’s suggestions, however I’d add the possibility of a failing motor mount.

The sqeeking when you step on the brakes, however, is often a dead givaway for needing a brake job.

Hi guys!
there is also some issue that i should tell you. that is the car loose power evnthogh i press the acceletor

With all due respect, this car sounds like it has not seen the inside of a mechanic’s shop for maintenance for a long time. If that is correct, you need to have ALL of the maintenance on this mystery vehicle brought up to date.

Take out the Owner’s Manual and find the major maintenance closest to your current odometer mileage. The major maintenance intervals are usually 30k, 60k, 90k, etc.

Have everything listed for that major maintenance interval performed, and there is a very good chance that the shaking and loss of power will be resolved. If not, at least the mechanic will be closer to a solution than he would be if no maintenance was performed.

When the car is in the shop for major maintenance, have the entire brake system checked also. Since you have not bothered to tell us the make, model, model year, odometer mileage, or maintenance history of this car, it is difficult to be specific with prices, but you should be prepared to pay anywhere from $250-$650 for the needed maintenance. If you need brake work, assume several hundred dollars extra, in addition to the maintenance costs.

sorry that i didn’t tell you the make. Mitsubishi-galant-2001,97,000 milage on it.The guy sold the car for me tld me that he changed the brakes a while ago.
I appriciate all your information and suggestion to keep me on trac.

Used cars are a potential mine field of problems, particularly as the miles pile up, simply because many people do not maintain their cars properly. Some do not maintain them at all.

So–make a list of ALL of the procedures listed by Mitsubishi for the 90,000 mile service and take that list to a few independent mechanics in order to get a price quote for the work that is needed. Bear in mind that the transmission fluid should be changed, even if that is not mentioned in the maintenance schedule. You are now in the mileage category where transmission failure can take place very soon if the trans fluid was never changed. But, just have it changed. Do NOT have it flushed. Assume that the 90k service will cost ~$300 to $500, including the transmission fluid change.

Especially important is the timing belt. If it has never been changed, since the car is now at least 8 years old, it is overdue for that procedure. When a timing belt snaps (with no warning whatsoever), it can cause VERY expensive damage (perhaps $2k to $3k), depending on the design of the engine. Have the water pump, the serpentine belt, and the belt tensioners replaced at the same time. Assume that these jobs will cost ~$500 to $600.

After the 90k service, adhere to the subsequent maintenance services listed in the manual. I am fairly confident that if you have the car properly serviced, the shaking problem will go away.