Car shakes when driving over rough part of road

front end of car sort of shakes when driving not smooth roads. resumes smooth ride when back on smooth road.

Front end struts. The strut bearing could be worn out. It could be ball joints or tie rods, these would need immediate attention.

re: car shakes when driving over rough road. I will check air in tires then try to recreate shaking. If fixed, great! IF NOT, do you have honest mechanic in Fremont, UC, Newark areas? I was thinking of taking car to alignment place… Any suggestions> Thank you so much.

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I am thinking tie rod or ball joint problems. Old school to try and push and pull wheel from top, any looseness is a bearing, then side to side looseness is a tie rod or ball joint.

The car is 20 years old…Probably has well over 200K miles on it…The suspension is probably ready for a major going over…