Car shakes in reverse

OK so i recently replaced the whole rack and pinon on my 1997 Honda crv and i had to drop the muffler and drive axle as well as drop the engine about 2 in"
So i supported the the engine with a jack and wooden blocks then i remove the bolts that hold the engine mounts and drop the engine when i replaced the bolts and torqued then to 100ft lbs the car shakes when in reverse HOWEVER WHEN I PLACE A LONG SCREW DRIVER ON THE MOUNTING FLANGE (where the bolt of the motor mount comes through and into the motor mount) THE NOISE STOPS. AS SOON AS I REMOVE THE SCREWDRIVE THE NOISE COMES BACK. the motor mount doesn’t look like its in bad condition

The nuts/bolts for that motor mount are torque-to-yield or one time use nuts/bolts. So all that hardware has to be replaced with new hardware when reinstalling the motor mount.

Also, none of that hardware is torqued to 100 ft/lbs. The torque specs for that hardware ranges from 41 ft/lbs-61 ft/lbs.