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Need help with sound, 2004 Honda CRV (motor mounts?)

Hey guys I asked this question a few weeks back, but did not get a good answer. Now that the car is back on the road the sounds have gotten worse as well !!

I used to be when turning right and giving the truck gas you would hear a rumble reverbirate thrugh the truck… It sounded like it was coming from the pass side of the truck. NOW it does it when turning left or right, and if you give it hard gas in a streght line (although not nearly as much)…

I belive I have a bad motor mount, but am unsure which one (the ones I can see look OK)… How can I test them??

Also giving the bad motor mount theory credit is that, when replacing the AC compressor I had to jack the motor up against its mounts (wood and jack under oil pan) so I could get the bolts from the AC compresser out. Then as I said before its worse now then when I drove it last, so maybe I damaged a mount more !!!

Its not CV joints, as if I turn in a tight circle I do not get any noise, not a click, not a vibration, nothing… Same if I am going around a bend in the road, the car is smooth as silk… However like I said above if I give the truck gas while turning (such as making a turn from a traffic light or stop sign), I get the sound.

I also do get a slight vibration at a stop when in gear, but its not bad.

I dont think its a wheel bearing because its not a wuump wuump wuuump and is not constent.

This is a 2wd 2004 LX CRV with 231,000 miles on it. So it litterally can be anything, but I want to fix it as its the only issue with the truck right now !!

After the techs went home today, I threw the CRV on the lift. It has 4 mounts, one on each side, one front, one rear. The Front, and the drivers side mount both look like they have broken rubber legs (the part that runs from the center bolt to the outer housing, if this makes sense). Neither is broken completely, but they are both cracked on at least one side. Can this cause the vibrations we are talking about?

Bump, .any ideas what my rumble maybe about?